Pee Wee Hockey Drills

For Peewee players age 12 and under, it continues to be important to focus on developing the individual player and their hockey skills. While small area games can still be fun during practice for players this age, you can start to introduce drills during practice that are more difficult than those of the Mite/Squirt stage. Players are now ready to face more drills that involve passing, but it is important to keep in mind that the amount of passes in a drill should still not be excessive. Additionally, at the Peewee stage, introducing systems into a practice becomes appropriate. These systems should be basic as it is mostly just an introduction to them. These and other similar systems we offer are beneficial as they don’t focus on too much for Peewee players to handle. Steer clear of systems that work on too many skills at the same time, as that can make it tough for the players to master important parts of systems and drills. Feel free to change things up in practice, players are starting to have the basic skills down and require less repetition to be able to benefit from practices!