IHS Contributors

Denis Savard

Denis Savard - Chicago, Illinois USA

Denis is in the NHL Hall of Fame and former head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks. Currently Denis is an ambassador for the Blackhawks.

Ben Eaves

Ben Eaves - Columbus, Ohio USA

After two years as an assistant coach and in charge of human performance at Miami University in Ohio Ben is now the head coach for the Columbus Blue Jackets U18 AAA team. He is also helping out with player development within the organization.

Mountain High Hockey

Mountain High Hockey - Denver, Colorado USA

Mountain High Hockey is an ice hockey skill development company based out of Denver Colorado. They offer private lessons, clinics, and summer camps for both players and goaltenders. Mountain High Hockey co-founder Matt Zaba as a goalie contributor for our site.

The Goalie Guild

The Goalie Guild - Denver, Colorado USA

The Goalie Guild is a nonprofit (501-c3) foundation that educates, inspires, and supports hockey goalies and goalie coaches across the globe. The Goalie Guild's annual scholarships, books, symposiums, and creative learning projects, advocate holistic development of the body, mind, and spirit (the Three Pillars of Elite Goaltending) in order to advance and enhance the goaltending community.


HockeyTraining.com - Toronto, Ontario Canada

The goal of HockeyTraining.com is to help hockey players get faster, stronger, more powerful and explosive and all around better on the ice.

First Shift Hockey

First Shift Hockey - Chicago, Illinois USA

At First Shift, we aim to slow the game down and work on the fundamentals so that your player develops proper habits that give him/her that extra edge on their First Shift.

Ice Hockey Systems Inc.

Ice Hockey Systems Inc. - Buffalo, New York USA

Ice Hockey Systems Inc. has been providing content to youth hockey coaches for over 10 years. We have animated over 550 ice hockey drills and systems that are available to our members. Our main goal is to provide content that will help youth hockey coaches develop the future generations of this great sport!