Weak Side Attack

Weak Side Attack diagram

Weak Side Attack diagram

The Weak Side Attack drill shared by Wes Wolfe helps players and teams practice attacking the weak side of the ice to create more time to allow for more support options from teammates.


  • Forwards are lined up on bluelines against the boards and defenders on center ice line against the boards.
  • Part 1: On the whistle, two forwards cross and exchange a puck and head up ice against a defender to create a 2 on 1.At the same time, a third forward leaves with a puck and slowly makes their way inside the blue line.
  • Part 2: On the whistle, the 2 on 1 ends, and the second puck is now active. This forward is encouraged to attack the weak side to create time to allow their teammates to join them on the rush. Two new defenders step out at center ice, making this a 3 on 2 situation.

Coaching Points

  • On Part 2 of the drill, encourage the puck carrier to attack the weak side of the ice to create time and scan the ice to see where their teammates are.
  • Defenders should keep their sticks on the ice to block passing lanes and angle the forwards to the outside of the ice.
  • Communication with teammates is key on both sides of the ice. 


  • Coaches can allow the defender that played the original 2 on 1 to join the rush, making part 2 of the drill a 4 on 2. Or they can just have the forwards be part of part 2 of the drill, which would make it a 3 on 2.

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