2 V 1 Quick Strike Game

2 V 1 Quick Strike Game


The 2 v 1 Quick Strike from Kendall Coyne Schofield is a great small area game for practicing quick developing 2 on 1's for both offense and defense. The game should have a lot of scoring and pace to it.  

Set Up

  • Set up 2 nets on the half wall in an offensive zone
  • Draw a line (or place a few cones/tires) in the middle of the zone going from the blue line to the end boards (through the crease)
  • Each side has 2 forwards, 1 defenseman and a goalie
  • Players who are not in the 2 v 1 should keep the puck in along the blue line


The objective of the game is to play up to a certain number, team "X" vs team "O"

  • Coach passes a puck in or chips it in for a battle
  • Forwards are trying to score
  • Defense is trying to get the puck to their forwards on the other side of the ice to activate the 2 on 1
  • As soon as the puck crosses over to the other side, the 2 forwards and defensemen clear out and 3 new players come in
  • Players can go anywhere on their half of the ice
  • If a goal is scored, the coach should reward the scoring team with another puck
  • This game should be continuous, but the coach can dump in another puck if one clears the zone or the goalie freezes it
  • Keep Score!


  • After the defenseman transitions the puck to his or her forwards, they are allowed to activate and cross to the other side
  • If this happens, then one of the forwards (from zone that was just cleared) can also activate, making it a 3 v 2
  • This version is a little more skating and has more decisions involve

Coaching Points

  1. Quick shots and quick passes
  2. Players on the side without the puck should work to be an outlet for their teammate (get open, call for the puck and present your stick as a target).
  3. Defensive players need to keep their heads up and make quick decisions to transition the puck to their teammates



g.spencer on 1/31/2022


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