Eagles Half Ice 1 on 1 diagram

Great half ice drill here!  It incorporates passing, shooting, moving your feet, breakout timing, gap control, and 1 on1.  The forwards all line up in the corner without pucks.  The defense line up just inside the forwards with the pucks as shown in the diagram.  To start the drill F1 skates up along the boards and receives a pass from D1.  F1 receives the pass, skates around the circle and takes a shot on net.   F1 transitions around the bottom of the other circle so they are always facing the play. After F1's shot, D1 takes a puck and skates around the net to give F1 a breakout pass.  F1 receives the breakout pass and skates up near center ice and around the cone or tire closest to the red line.  D1 follows the play and tranistions around the cone closest to the blue line to play F1 in a 1 on 1 back towards the net.

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Add Decision Making

Eagles 1 vs 1 hockey drill diagram variation #1
Eagles 1 vs 1 hockey drill diagram variation #2

After the players have the concept then here are some ways you can incorporate decision making into the drill. Place a coach at the top of the circles on the side where the players are breaking out. The coach can choose to take away the low pass or the high pass. So now the players will have to adapt depending on the coach's position.

  • As defense carries puck around the net they read the coach's position
  • If the coach takes away the low pass they hold the puck and skate up ice (staying inside the dots) and make pass to the winger higher in the zone after the winger is past the coach.
  • If the coach stays higher in the zone then the defense makes the pass as the winger is low, the winger uses time and space to lure in the coach and makes a give & go with the defense to break out of the zone.

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1-1 drills

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1on 1 

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Great drill
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Good 1 on 1 drill

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add F2 wide left for 2v1

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Breakout passing and gap control

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