Double Gates Activation Game
Double Gates Activation Game

The Double Gates Activation Game from Coach Alyssa Gagliardi is a competitive small area game that starts out as a 1 on 1 and becomes a 2 on 1 after a player skates through one of the gates. This can also be modified to be a 2 on 2 that becomes a 3 on 2.


  • Place a gate (gates can be made by tires, cones, etc) on each side of the net. This will create two gates and two options for the offensive player to skate though. 
  • Place one forward and one defender in one of the corners or circles.
  • Place an additional player at the high slot or point.
  • To start: a coach chips a puck in the corner to begin a 1 on 1 battle. 
    • The forward is trying to first skate through a gate. Once the forward skates through the gate, they are able to pass it to the open player at the point to begin a 2 on 1. The offensive team is trying to score a goal.
    • The defender is trying to strip the puck during the 1 on 1 and/or the 2 on 1 and skate out of the zone.
  • The coach can stop the play when there is a goal, the defender skates the puck out of the zone, the goalie freezes the puck or enough time has passed (15 - 30 seconds).

Coaching Points

  • Offensive player:
    • Look over your shoulder to see where the pressure is coming from.
    • Do not expose the puck until you are ready to make a play. Use the net and the boards to protect the puck!
    • Keep head up to be aware of where the gates are and the extra player is.
  • Defending player:
    •  Work on taking a good angle.
    • Keep your stick on the ice to go after the puck and to block passing lanes.

Game Variations

  • Can allow the forward to immediately try to score a goal, or you can require them to first go through the gate before they can score. Either way, if they go through the gate the other forward is activated.
  • Can set up gates in different areas of the ice.
  • Can add gates at the blueline that the defense needs to skate through instead of skating over the blueline. 
  • Can start the game in different areas of the zone.
  • Can setup the game in smaller areas of the ice (example - 1/4 ice instead of 1/2 ice.)
  • Can be modified to be a 2 on 2 that becomes a 3 on 2 (diagram displayed below)

Supporting Fundamentals

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