Midget Hockey includes players ages 16 and under, 18 and under, and those who play High school Hockey. These ages include some of the most skilled players who are able to handle very rigorous practices with difficult drills and systems. As they must be very conditioned for practices of high intensity, make sure they have a clear off-ice workout schedule. Practices should challenge their speed, skills, endurance, strength, and skating ability. With the Midget age level, passing drills that involve passing and receiving the puck while in motion becomes more relevant and possible as players have a more developed skill set. Drills and systems in these practices should become more fast-paced and complex. The Horseshoe regroup hockey drill is a high tempo drill that requires a lot of passing and communication and is an example of a high-speed drill that works on more than one skill at a time, which becomes important with the Midget level. Try to implement drills and systems that are challenging and new to the players so it is easier for them to stay interested and focused during practices. Players of higher age levels will not be motivated to practice if it becomes repetitive and boring.

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