1, 2, 3, Forecheck

1, 2, 3, Forecheck

1, 2, 3 Forecheck from Nik Passero is a great drill to help teams practice their forechecking and breakout concepts in a progressive manner. Teams start with breaking out against 1 forechecker, then they progress to breaking out with 2 forecheckers and the drill finishes with the team trying to break out against a 3 person forecheck which begins a full ice 5 on 5.


  • This is a full ice drill with both goalies in the net.
  • Start with a team that is breaking out (3 forwards & 2 defenseman).
  • The forechecking team has 2 defenseman and 3 forwards. The forwards on the forechecking team should be designated as F1, F2, and F3.
  • On the whistle, F1 dumps the puck in and forechecks, while the black  team tries to break out. When the black team breaks the puck out, they pass to F2.
  • F2 then dumps the puck into the opposite corner and both F1 & F2 forecheck while the black team works to break out the puck and pass to F3.
  • F3 dumps the puck into either corner to start a full 3 person foreheck. The two orange defenseman join in to make it a full ice 5 on 5.

Coaching Points

  • Forecheckers: keep sticks on the ice and angle the players and the puck to the outside of the ice.
  • Breakout team: communicate and keep your head up to be aware of the forechecking team. Wingers make sure to get back to be passing options and the center should work to be "low and slow" to always be an outlet for their teammates.


  • Teams can work on various forechecking and breakout concepts.

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