Ice Hockey Practice Plans

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The practices below are ordered by age level from youngest to oldest starting with mite practice plans ranging up to midget practice plans.

5 stations that focus on skating & stickhandling.
4 Stations that work on shooting, stickhanding, and agility.
Puck Control and Stickhandling Stations.
Stations, skating, stop & starts, turns, puck control.
Shooting and skating warm up, Breakouts, 1 on 1, 2 on 1.
Shooting, Scoring, Puck Handling / Protection, 2 on 1's.
Puck skills, 2 on 0 options, 1 on 1 puck protection, 3 on 3 game in neutral zone.
Skating and stickhandling warm up. 1 on 1's and 2 on 1's, and 2 on 2 small area game.
75 minutes, breakout passes, 1 on 1, 2 on 1, overspeed competition, break away game.
Skills, 2 on 0, zone entry attacks, 2 on 1, and a neutral zone game.
A series of breakout drills, 1 on 1's, and a 3 on 3 small area game.
Skating, Skills, 2 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 cross ice game.
High tempo drills with overspeed drills, 2 on 1's, and 2 on 2.
Full Ice Flow, Passing, 1 on 1's, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 small area game.
A series of breakout drills and finishes with continuous 2 on 1 backchecking.