Bantam Hockey Drills

Bantam hockey drills are meant for players 14 and under. These players have worked on their basic skills for years now and will get bored with repetition of hockey drills and practices. Coaches will have to keep things fresh and new for players to work their hardest during practices. Skating can always be improved and Bantam players should continue to do challenging skating drills, but now move to focusing on speed, endurance, stamina, and continue with their skill development. Worrying about too much passing shouldn’t be a problem, and more passing should be implemented into drills and systems. Coaches can make systems more complicated for these players as they have the ability to complete and work on multiple skills more efficiently than younger age levels. The intensity of practices become higher at the Bantam age level so it is important to keep players conditioned well. Off-Ice training can assist players in staying in shape and improving their physical performance on-ice. Check out our abundance of off-ice training videos to help build these sessions for players.  Use the drills listed below to help build Don’t forget original practice plans, keeping your Bantam Hockey players on their toes and alert!