6 on 3 Monkey in the Middle

6 on 3 Monkey in the Middle

6 on 3 Monkey In The Middle Game from Jeff Meredith is an excellent game to practice good defensive habits and offensive puck possession skills. The defending team in the middle is allowed to have one player chase the offensive team anywhere they want, while the offensive team works to pass the puck to the opposite side. No saucer passes are allowed!


  • Place 3 defenders in the middle of the zone, and have two sets of 3 offensive players on the outside of the zone (as pictured in the diagram).
  • The playing area is the goal line to the blue line.
  • On the whistle the game begins. The 6 offensive players are working to complete passes to the other side while the 3 defending players in the middle are looking to deflect and intercept the passes.
  • Offensive rules: No saucer passes. Points are awarded for passes completed to the other side.
  • Defensive rules: One player is allowed to exit the "middle area" to chase the puck.
  • Continue the game for as long as the offensive players can continue making passes. The game ends and players rotate when the defensive team deflects the puck out of the zone, or gets possession of the puck.
  • The game is continuous. After defense gets the puck, 3 new players jump in and everyone rotates.

Coaching Points

  • Defense:
    • Keep sticks on the ice to block passing lanes.
    • The defending player that chases should angle the puck carrier to reduce passing options for them.
    • Keep skates up ice so you can see players on both sides of the ice.
  • Offense:
    • Keep head up to look for passing lanes and where your support options are.
    • Utilize deception to fake out the defending team and open up passing lanes.
    • If you do not have a clear pass across, utilize your teammates on your side as an outlet.


  • Can set this up to be 6v3 (as described above) or 4v2.
  • Can progress and add in a goalie to make this the 6 v 3 Alley Game.

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