Hit The Tire Passing Game WIth No Goalie diagram

Hit The Tire Passing Game is a fun small area game that can be utilized when coaches want to work on passing and puck support concepts and/or there are no goalies available.


  • Place a tire on each of the face-off dots inside of a zone.
  • Play 3 v 3. The offensive team scores by hitting the tire in the opposite circle.
  • Offensive team cannot enter the offensive circle, but the defensive team is allowed in the defensive circle.
  • Object is to move the puck quickly to open up passing or scoring lanes.

Coaching Points

  • Puck carrier should use deception, and tight turns to create space and passing lanes.
  • Offensive players without the puck should jump to open space with their stick on the ice to support their teammate and be an outlet.
  • Defensive players should keep their sticks on the ice to disrupt passing lanes and keep the offensive team to the outside.


  • For younger age levels that struggle to hit the tire, you can allow the offensive team inside the offensive zone circle.
  • Coaches can call out Power Play and allow a team to have an extra player to make it a 4 v 3. 

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