4 v 2 Rondo to 4 v 2 Quick Attack

4 v 2 Rondo to 4 v 2 Quick Attack diagram

4 v 2 Rondo to 4 v 2 Quick Attack diagram

The 4 v 2 Rondo to 4 v 2 Quick Attack from Alyssa Gagliardi is a 2 part activity that helps offensive players practice puck possession and quick attacking concepts while the defending team works on disrupting passing lanes.


  • Set up a 4 v 2 Rondo around one face-off dot in the zone (4 offensive players around the exterior of the circle, with 2 defenders in the middle).
  • Extra players and coaches are on the blue line.
    • Part 1: On the whistle, the 4 v 2 Rondo starts. The offensive team is awarded points if they are able to split the defenders. The defending team gets a point if they block a pass and recover the puck.
    • Part 2: On the second whistle, coach dumps a puck into the 4 corner which starts the 4 v 2 Quick Attack. The goal is for the offensive team to get the puck quickly, support each other, and quickly get a shot on net. The offensive team is awarded a s points for a goal and the defending team is awarded 2 points if they can get the puck and skate it out of the zone.
  • Rotate players so they get chances at offense and defense.

Coaching Points

  • Offensive team
    • Keep head up - keep your head up and scan the ice at all times to know where your teammates are, where passing lanes are.
    • Sticks on the ice - keep your sticks on the ice so you are ready to receive a pass and your teammates know where you would like the puck.
    • Support teammates - move to get open to give your teammates a passing outlet.
    • Use deception - use fakes with your eyes, stick and body to fake out the defenders and open up passing lanes.
  • Defending team:
    • Keep sticks on the ice: keep sticks on the ice to block passing lanes.
    • Angle: on the 4 v 2 quick attack angle the offensive players with your stick on the ice and try to keep them to the outside of the zone.
    • Communicate with partner: talk with your partner so you are on the same page. 


  • This can be set up in a variety of player formats. Can do 4v2 (as shown) or do 5v2, 5v3, 3v2, or 3v1.
  • Can set this up into a 1/4 ice station. Part 1 would remain the same, but Part 2 the coach would dump the puck into the same side of the ice.
  • Learn more about Rondos and additional Rondo Variations.


mthurston on 11/14/2023



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