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Practice Plans

Stations, skating, stop & starts, turns, puck control.
Full Ice Flow, Passing, 1 on 1's, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 small area game.
Skating, Skills, 2 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 cross ice game.

Downloadable Resources

Ice hockey shot chart for downloading and printing

Ice Hockey Shot Chart

Blank Hockey Drill Template

Blank Hockey Drill Template

Ice hockey practice sheet with two rinks

Two Rink Practice Sheet

Create a Custom Practice Sheet

Print a Custom Ice Hockey Practice Plan Sheet

Do you want to give your practice sheet a professional look and feel? Our free tool allows you to upload your logo and download a practice sheet with your logo. It is very easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Click the button below
  2. Make sure you have saved the logo you want to use on your computer
  3. Fill out the form and be sure to upload your logo
  4. On the next page click the download "Custom Practice Sheet" button
  5. Save the pdf to your computer and print out as many copies as you wish

Hockey Coaches Blog

Young hockey players playing against each other.

Here are 11 great games and activities for starting hockey practice. These activities keep the players moving, increase their awareness, and work on basic fundamentals while keeping all of the players moving and engaged.

The Fartlek -  A Hockey Dryland & Off-Ice Training Workout

Increase Speed, Explosiveness and Endurance with the Fartlek Workout!

1-3-1 Power Play Overview and Options

The 1-3-1 power play formation has become the go to power play system for most high level teams.  Just about every NHL team is using it so there must be a reason.  Power play systems like the overload, umbrella, set pick plays, etc... can be effective until the other team knows how to play against them.  The 1-3-1 formation allows teams a myriad of options and allows teams to get into other formations very quickly, adding an element of surprise and confusion to the penalty killers.

Coaching Tools

Drill lists help you manage hockey drills you like

We have over 550 hockey drills and drill lists provide an easy way for our members to organize them in their own way.  As you search and find drills that you like you can simply save the drill to any drill list with the click of the button.  It allows you to organize the drills so that you can find them easily when you want to share them with your team or save them to a practice.

How to create a hockey practice plan using our tools

Creating a practice on can be extremely useful for youth hockey coaches who want to improve communication, save time, and be more prepared for practice.

Sharing practice plans with your team is a helpful way to communicate

The first step is to create team access.  Every membership comes with the ability to create a team access account.  Once you have enabled team access you will see a button at the top of the page when viewing practices, drills, and systems.  When you toggle the button on then the practice will be visible within the team access account.  You can toggle the sharing of content on and off by simply clicking the "Share with Team" button.

Ice Hockey Systems on Many Devices

Hockey Drills

Our online platform gives coaches access to over 450 drills. All of the hockey drills are animated, allowing the coaches and players to better understand the drills and concepts being taught. Our easy to use search tools allow coaches to find hockey drills they are looking for.

Hockey Systems

We offer over 50 animated systems as well such as forechecks, d-zone coverages, power plays, penalty kills, breakouts, and more.  Hall of Famer Denis Savard has also contributed many videos covering systems and drills to supplement those systems.

Coaching Tools

Members have access to online tools that will help them organize the content in their own way so they can create practices and share them with their team.

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