Outside 2 on 1's

Outside 2 on 1's diagram

The Outside 2 on 1's drill from Brad Flynn allows teams to practice 2 on 1's on the outside of the ice.


  • The drill runs out of both sides of the ice.
  • Players are set up as shown in the diagram.
  • On the whistle, the coach places a puck in the corner. The defenseman jumps out, pivots around the dot and retrieves the puck.
  • At that same time, F1 times a breakout route, going low and slow as an outlet for the defensemen.
  • After the defenseman hits F1 with a pass, F1 skates up the neutral zone and passes the puck to F2 (the forward along the boards). 
  • F1 stops at the blue line and jumps up ice with F2, which starts a 2 on 1 with the original defender that rushed to get up ice and gap up.
  • The 2 on 1 continues along the outside of the ice. 

Coaching Points

  • Defender: keep head up and scan the ice as you retrieve the puck. This is a great opportunity to practice deception on your retrievals. Work to gap up properly on the 2 on1. Keep stick on the ice to eliminate passes.
  • Forwards: go low and slow and present a good target during the breakout. On the 2 on 1, make sure to communicate with each other. Forward without the puck should always be an outlet to receive a pass, or consider driving the net to create space for the puck carrier.

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