World Passing & Stickhandling Warm-Up
World Passing & Stickhandling Warm-Up

The World Passing & Stickhandling Warm-Up from Rob Sedia of NewEdge Hockey is a great way to help players warm-up their hands, edges and vision before jumping into a practice or game.


  • 4-6 players around a circle with 2 pucks
  • On the whistle, 2 players start stickhandling around the circle.
  • Players should be creative with their moves, and keep their head up at all times to make sure they do not run into the other players inside the circle. Encourage edgework, escapes, deception, and more.
  • After about 20-30 seconds (or on the coaches whistle) the player in the circle passes the puck to someone on the outside. They jump in the circle, while the previous stickhandlers jump to the circle.

Coaching Points

  • Players inside the circle: keep head up, and practice escapes, deception, weigh shifts, and more.
  • Players outside the circle: have their sticks on the ice ready for a pass. Cheer for a teammate that makes a great move or pass. 


  • Can add more players inside the circle and around the circle. The more players inside the circle the more challenging it will get!
  • Can add light pressure from a coach or player (as shown in the video).
  • Can add a defender that is trying to take the puck away inside the circle.
  • Can tell players to make passes across the circle instead of drop passes.

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