Yellow Attack Timing - V1 diagram

Yellow Attack Timing - V1 from Rob Sedia of NewEdge Hockey helps players work on retrievals, passing, timing, communication, and quick release shots. The reason "Yellow Attack" is in the name of the drill, is to reinforce the concept that players should attack the puck along the yellow bumper of the boards. 


  • Place a net (or a stationary defender) just below the hashmarks in front of the net.
  • Set up one player next to the net, as pictured in the diagram.
  • Players line up at the hashmarks against the boards.
  • On the whistle, Player 1, chips the puck into the corner for Player 2 to retrieve. 
  • Player 2 shoulder checks, gathers the puck, and looks to pass the puck to Player 1.
  • Player 1 times the play, and can jump in front of the net, or behind the net to get a quick shot on goal.
  • Player 1 now goes behind the net to get ready for the next rep. Player 2 goes to the back of the line.
  • Note: adding the additional pad on the far side of the net (that is pictured in the diagram) makes the player practice passing & receiving passes in a tighter space. Coaches can use any object, or can exchange any object for a static player or coach.

Coaching Points

  • The player retrieving the puck should shoulder check, and come out of the corner with their head up. 
  • The player jumping to the slot for a shot, should time the play and communicate.
  • Both players can practice deception, to create additional time and space for themselves.


  • Can exchange the net in the slot for a static defender that can only move their stick. If the static defender is stopping the puck too often you can have them flip their stick.
  • Can add light pressure to the player that is retrieving the puck. 
  • Can add a goalie.
  • Can set up in other areas of the ice. View Yellow Attack V2 to see this setup where players retrieve the puck along the boards on the half wall.

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