Hockey Stickhandling Drills

Below you will find high quality stickhandling and puck handling drills designed for youth hockey players.  Whenever players are working on stickhandling they should work on the fundamentals of keeping their eyes up, hands out in front, and rolling their wrists to cup the puck.  Young players will especially want to look down at the puck. It is especially important to make sure they develop a good habit of keeping their eyes up.  It is hard for players to break the bad habits as they get older.  As you work on some of these stickhandling drills you can place coaches at the pylons to look at the player’s eyes and keep reminding them to keep their eyes up. 

Another important thing to consider is the progression of teaching the proper fundamentals, giving players plenty of time to get comfortable and improve, and then adding drills that force them to stickhandle at a faster pace and against pressure.  You can also make drills more uncomfortable by requiring the players to do the drills and compete in smaller areas.