Pioneer 2 V 2 Rush
Pioneer 2 V 2 Rush

The Pioneer 2 V 2 Rush from TJ Manastersky, the Head Coach of Brock University, practices attacking and defending the rush. It starts as a 1 V 1, and finishes as a 2 V 2. 


  • On the 1st whistle, blue passes to red.
  • Red must get outside the blue line before attacking the zone 1v1.
  • Blue must get angle skating forwards. Play it out until a whistle.
  • On the second whistle, 2 things happen:
    • the blue player in the other zone passes to the red player. The red player must get outside the blue line before they can attack. 
    • the players in the first 1 v 1 stop and skate down to the other end of the ice to join their teammates to make it a 2 v 2. 
  • It becomes a continuous 2v2.

Coaching Points

  • Communicate on defense, "get sticky" on backcheck

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