Slovakian Scoring Game

Slovakian Scoring Game diagram

Slovakian Scoring Game shared by Steve Wiedler is a really fun competitive game that puts two teams against each other to try to score goals in 1v0, 2v0, 2v1, and 3v2 situations.


  • Divide the team up into 2 groups
  • On the whistle, one team starts (in the diagram it is green) and tries to score their first set of goals, which is a 1v0. If they score, they move onto 2v0, if they do not score, the black team is up next and they try to score their 1v0 goal.
  • Both teams try to score through the 4 different situations.
  • In the 2v1 and 3v2 situations the other team needs to be aware and have defenders jump out to defend the rush.
  • If a team scores they continue. If they do not, the next team is up. It continues until a team scores all 4 goal situations or the coach calls time.

Coaching Points

  • Teams should be vocal and cheer for their team.


  • Can set this up to be half ice (as shown in the diagram below)

Half Ice Example of Slovakian Scoring Game

Half Ice Example of Slovakian Scoring Game

Here is an example of how the Slovakian Scoring Game can be set up in half-ice situations.

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