Slovakian Scoring Game
Slovakian Scoring Game

Slovakian Scoring Game shared by Steve Wiedler is a really fun competitive game that puts two teams against each other to try to score goals in 1v0, 2v0, 2v1, and 3v2 situations.


  • Divide the team up into 2 groups
  • On the whistle, one team starts (in the diagram it is green) and tries to score their first set of goals, which is a 1v0. If they score, they move onto 2v0, if they do not score, the black team is up next and they try to score their 1v0 goal.
  • Both teams try to score through the 4 different situations.
  • In the 2v1 and 3v2 situations the other team needs to be aware and have defenders jump out to defend the rush.
  • If a team scores they continue. If they do not, the next team is up. It continues until a team scores all 4 goal situations or the coach calls time.

Coaching Points

  • Teams should be vocal and cheer for their team.


  • Can set this up to be half ice (as shown in the diagram below)

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