2 V 2 Crossfire Box Game With Outlets

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Crossfire 2 v 2 Box Game helps offensive players practice getting open, and quick touches in tight spaces to try to score. The defensive team works on eliminating passing lanes while covering the two players in front.


  • Coach creates a "box" with tires or cones in the slot area as shown in the diagram.
  • In the box, 2 players start on offense and 2 players are on defense. These players are not allowed to leave the box.
  • Outside of the box, on the flanks, there will be 1 player on each side and they are on all time offense. These players are not allowed to enter the box and are not allowed to shoot.
  • On the whistle, the 2 offensive players in the box and the 2 offensive flank players try to work together to score.
  • The defenders are looking to get the puck, and pass it to one of the flank players. If they are able to do this, the defenders are now on offense with the flank players, and the other 2 players inside the box transition to defense.
  • Play 30 or so seconds and then rotate a new set of players.
  • Keep score! 1 point for a goal and 2 points for a one timer.

Coaching Points

  • Offense:
    • Players with the puck should use deception, and quick touches to try and create extra space for themselves and their teammates.
    • Players without the puck should work to get open and keep their sicks on the ice to be an outlet for their teammates.
  • Defense
    •  Keep your stick on the ice to block passing lanes. 
    • After a puck is intercepted, quickly pass to the flank players and transition to offense.


  • Coaches can make this space smaller for more of a challenge, or larger to allow players to get open more.
  • Can add a 3rd flank player on top of the box to allow for more passing options.

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