Owls 2 v 2 diagram

Owls 2 v 2 diagram

Owls 2 v 2 diagram

Owls 2 v 2 from Nik Passero is a competitive 2 v 2 battle drill that finishes with a 2 v 2 rush. The drill can also progress to end with a 3 v 2 rush.


  • Coach at the half wall with pucks. Goalies in both nets.
  • F1 and F2 in the corners.
  • 2 defenders in front of the net and 2 defenders at the point.
  • Part 1: On the whistle, F1 passes the puck to D1. Form here the defenders can work on a variety of movements but for this situation, they go D-to-D and fire a shot on net.
    • F1 and F2 are working to get net front position while the two defenders in front of the net work to box them out.
  • Part 2: After the 2 v 2 down low plays out, coach chips a puck to the center of the zone. F1 and F2 get the puck and return to try for a quick attack against the 2 down low defenders. The coach lets this play out as long as they would like. 
  • Part 3: Coach chips out a 3rd puck and F1 & F2 pick up the puck and start a full ice 2 on 2 against the 2 defenders that were at the point. Teams can allow for a 3 v 2 by allowing F3 to join the rush from the corner.
  • If coaches are using this as a battle day game they should keep track of goals! 

Coaching Points

  • Forwards work hard to get net front position.
  • Defenders work hard to eliminate sticks and box out the forwards so that the goalie can get a clear read of the shot.
  • If coaches make this a 3 on 2, the F3 must skate as fast as possible to join the rush.


  • Can make the ending rush 2 v 2 or 3 v 2.
  • Can allow the 3rd forward to join in the second part of the drill.

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