Continuous Rim Drill

If your wingers need help making plays along the wall in the defensive zone, then this is a good hockey drill which gives players a lot of repetitions in this situation.  Form two lines with pucks at the hash marks on opposite ends of the ice as shown in the diagram.  The line should face the goal line.  Just to start the drill place a player at the blue line with a puck.  At the start of the drill this player will skate into the high slot and take a shot on net then follow the shot to the net.  After looking for a rebound they will sprint to the corner (opposite the line of players) and get prepared for the rim by P3.  P2 has to time their swing into the slot so they can provide good support for P1 as they retrieve the puck off the wall.  P1 will make a direct pass or a chip off the wall to P2 as they swing.  P2 will then carry the puck down the ice for a shot and become P1 for the next repetition at the other end.

One variation is to place a coach or another player at center ice.  As P2 receives the pass from P1 they have to make a give and go with this additional player at center ice.

Another variation is to add defense in the middle of the ice.  They have to create a good gap as the puck is rimmed and then play a 1 on 1 against P2.


coaches on 11/16/2021

shooting drills

FLHS on 9/30/2019

Breakout Tips

Revelstoke on 8/31/2019
Mfranchetti18 on 1/27/2019

fast and fun on 1/24/2019

thumbs up

NorthJerseyPhoenix on 1/2/2019

Breakout applies.

thall81267 on 10/28/2018
Anonymous on 10/21/2018
Used tonight at practice and was great at teaching how to take off wall. Good drill lots of opportunities for teaching and coaching
trent47 on 10/8/2018


nateelliott on 9/18/2018

Rim pickup and quick pass breakout

nateelliott on 9/18/2018

Rim pickup and quick pass breakout

CoachRogo on 9/5/2018

Warm-Up Breakout drill on 9/3/2018


jeff.chapman on 8/21/2018


FabChardon on 8/20/2018

Début d'entraînement

bblazersled on 3/24/2018

Lots of puck time

wildtime on 10/5/2015

Could add some defence 1on1 in here

wildtime on 10/5/2015

Could add some defence 1on1 in here

Dwakeham on 8/2/2015
Making plays along boards
ihstest1 on 7/15/2015
Could use to teach these kids some timing!
Christian on 10/24/2014


Fran Mc Garvey on 9/30/2014

warm up passing drill

Farrugia on 9/8/2014

Peewee flow drill

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