Paint Scoring diagram

The Paint Scoring Drill is one where players will see how fast they can score three pucks. Players will be able to work on finishing using backhands, one timers, and wrist/snap shots. To set up the drill place a couple barriers stacked on top of each other in front of the net. Another net placed face down (or another type of object that you can use to bounce pucks off of) at about the hash marks directly in front of the net. The first player starts about a sticl length away from the face down net and the drill operates as follows:

  • Next player passes a puck off the face down net from behind player 1.
  • Player 1 reacts to the puck, gathers it to their backhand as they move around the face down net and shoot a backhand shot.
  • They immediately open up to face player 2 who gives them a pass and they receive and shoot again trying to elevate the puck over the two barriers.
  • Player 2 passes another puck off of the face down net
  • Player 1 stops after their 2nd shot and retrieves this third puck on their forehand.
  • Player 1 takes another shot as they move around the face down net on their forehand.

Supporting Fundamentals


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