Mite (U10) Drills

Mite hockey includes players age 8 and under. In this stage of a player’s development it is very important to focus on the basic and fundamental skills and rules of Ice Hockey that are needed to excel in future age levels. Always make sure to prepare Mite players with basic skating skills, stressing balance and coordination, while straying away from excessive passing. Drills at the mite level should include minimal passing because of the difficulty it can create for young players who are often small in comparison to the ice they are playing on. Focus, instead, on skating and stickhandling skills for these young players. These skills are something they will have to work on their whole hockey career, but starting early with building their stickhandling and skating skills will only benefit them in the long run. It is important that coaches keep the repetitive nature of young kids in mind when deciding the body of practices. To create Mite practice plans remember that young players have shorter attention spans and keeping them interested and alert will be a challenge. With that being said, it is recommended that coaches set up small area games and station drills during practice.  Note that kids this young are often full of energy so make sure you, as coaches, constantly keep them active and building their basic skills and most importantly make sure they have fun!