Ferrari 3 on 2
Ferrari 3 on 2

The Ferrari 3 on 2 shared by Steve Wiedler is a high tempo 3 on 2 rush zone entry drill that allows players to really practice pushing the pace, hence the name Ferrari.


  • Forwards on all 4 blue lines with pucks.
  • Defenders just inside the blue lines.
  • 1 forward leaves without a puck and works hard to curl at the far blueline.
  • The forward on the far blueline gets ready and hits the forward that us curling around the blueline with a pass.
  • From there, the two active forwards explode up ice, while a third forward (on the same blueline as the first forward that started the drill) jumps into the rush for a 3 on 2.
  • The 2 defenders jump into the middle of the ice and pivot around the face-off circles while aiming to gap up properly and match the oncoming speed of the rush.

Coaching Points

  • Forwards: communicate and keep sticks on the ice to let your teammates know where you want the puck. Get off the wall and fill in lanes while attacking.
  • Defenders: work to match the speed of the oncoming rush. Keep sticks on the ice to angle and block passing lanes. Work to keep players to the outside.

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