2 v 2 Rim Game

2 v 2 Rim Game

The 2 v 2 Rim Game from Jeff Meredith is a competitive battle game that allows players to practice rimming the puck along the boards and picking up pucks from the boards.


  • Start with 2 defenders at the bottom of each of the face-off dots.
  • On the whistle, one player rims the puck around the boards to their teammate on the other side. The teammate collects the puck to begin a 2 v 2.
  • The defenders must skate to the top of the face-off circle before they can start to defend.
  • Offense is trying to score, while defense is trying to collect the puck and get it to their teammates in line. They can directly pass it to their teammtes, or they can rim the puck to them.
  • Once the puck is to the next players in line, a new game begins. The players that were playing defense rotate out, the players playing offense rotate to defense, and the two players in line start by rimming and collecting the puck to begin the 2 on 2 game. The game is continuous. 

Coaching Points

  • Defense: keep sticks on the ice to block passing lanes and angle players to the outside. Communicate with each other.
  • Offense: be deliberate on your rims. Utilize the angle of the boards to work with you, not against you. Make sure the rim does not get past you. Stop the puck, collect it, and make a pass or a play to buy yourself more time.


  • Can set this game up at the hashmarks (as shown in the diagram) or set it up at the blue line to practice longer rims.

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