Wheaties 2 on 1

Wheaties 2 on 1, Wheaties 2 on 1

Brad Flynn shares a drill called Wheaties 2 on 1 that allows players to work on a rush 2 on 1 and a down low 2 on 1.


  • Forwards and defensemen split up and lined up in the neutral zone as shown in the diagram.
  • On the whistle, forwards (F1 & F2) swing wide and cut the blue line. One forward goes outside the neutral zone face-off dot and the other cuts up the middle of the ice.
  • A defender surfs up and plays a proper gap and angle before pivoting.
  • A forward (F3) in the opposite line hits one of the F1 or F2 forwards with a puck and they play a 2 on 1.
  • After the rush, coach blows a whistle and F3 dumps a puck into the corner so F1 & F2 can play a down low 2 on 1. 
  • F3 and F4 cut the blue line to begin another 2 on 1.
  • Drill is continuous.

Coaching Points

  • Defender: Keep stick on the ice to block passing lanes and angle players to the outside of the ice.
  • Forwards: Keep head up. Player without the puck should work to get open and have their stick on the ice to show where they would like to receive the pass.


andrewbeverett on 10/17/2023

If we only had half ice, it looks like we could have the coach play the role of F3 and just run it one way, right? 

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