Wall Retrieval Station

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The goal of this drill is to get players a bit more comfortable along the wall and provides a situation you can use to teach them techniques on how to handle pucks along the wall.  This station can be set up to use half of one of the zones. Pucks should be set behind the goal crease in the middle of the ice with the coach.  If you are using both sides then two coaches can share the pucks and each will rim the puck to opposite sides.  A tire or cone can be place inline with the dots at around the top of the circles.  Players are lined up along the blue line with the first player inline with the dots.  Player 1 will skate up around the tire towards the wall, open up to face the puck as it is rimmed around.  The players should time it so they are skating up ice as they gather the puck.  Encourage players to move their feet and keep their heads up as they gather the puck.  Once they gather the puck they will make a pass to the next player in line, go around the tire, open up and call for the puck, then receive the puck back to take a shot on net. 


chisluca on 8/20/2019


colin.carpenter82@gmail.com on 9/23/2018

Wall retrieval

Coach John on 12/21/2015

Solid drill


I like any drill that involves digging a loose puck off the boards..it's akward to do. This is another drill we've had some sucess with this year.


Happy goalie would work best so players always have to look for rebound.

jmcchesney on 10/22/2015


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