4 on 2 Power Play Game

4 on 2 Power Play Game

Description This is a great Power Play game from Kendall Coyne Schofield that encourages players to think and create movement in their zone as they are attacking.  12 players and 2 goalies are active in this setup that works on puck movement, creativity and goal scoring.


  • 2 Nets should be set up on the goal line in an offensive zone in line with the face-off dots
  • Split the zone in half from the blue line to the end of the boards (through the crease), use a marker or cones/tires
  • Each half has 4 players on offense and 2 players on defense
  • A goalie should be in each net
  • Coach can be outside of the blue line with a pile of pucks


Objective: Play a game up to a certain number, team "X" vs team "O"

  • Coach dumps 1 puck in
  • Each side consists of 4 players on offense, 2 players on defense and 1 goalie
  • Players cannot cross the middle of the ice onto the other side
  • Players on offense (4) are trying to score
  • The defenders (2) are trying to get the puck to the other side to send their team on offense
  • Each goal counts towards the total score
  • Coach can throw in a new puck when:
    • A goal is scored
    • The goalie covers a puck
    • The puck goes out of play

Coaching Points

  1. Create movement when attacking -  We don't want the attacking players to be stationary, this is a great game to help with exchanges and to encourage movement among your players on the power play.
  2. Heads up -  with a two player advantage, keeping your head up to identify scoring opportunities is critical
  3. Active sticks- with a 2 player deficit, having an active stick when defending is very important in this game


  • Can be modified to be 4v2, 3v2, 3v1, or 2v1. 


mfridh on 2/1/2022

I love these small area setups btw!


mfridh on 2/1/2022

I imagine we’d get more activity if we played both sides at once as the younger kids may not be active enough while they’re “waiting”. Perhaps have a scoring system where a goal is one point - a defensive turnover under control (puck properly delivered to coach via a Quick Up (or similar) is one point for defending team making all elements competitive, what do you think?

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