Davos Game

Davos Game
Wes Wolfe

The Davos Game shared by Wes Wolfe is a fresh take on small area games. Instead of playing cross ice, the playing area is set up to be full length, 1/3 ice. There are no rules other than each team is trying to score. The setup and game allows players to think creatively and also use the full length of the ice to skate and pass.


  • Divide the rink up into 1/3 and have players separate and line up at center ice along the boundary (to help keep pucks in).
  • On the whistle, a coach chips a puck into the playing area and 2 players from each team race to get the puck, this starts a 2 on 2 game.
  • There are NO RULES and no offsides. Players need to work together and think creatively on how they can defend and score.
  • If the puck goes out of play, the coach chips in a new puck.
  • On the whistle, 2 new players from each team jump in.

Coaching Points

  • Plan ahead - coaches should encourage teams to come up with a game plan while they are waiting in line.
  • Communicate! With no rules and the ability to go anywhere on the ice, teams need to work together to communicate when they are on the ice.
  • Offensive team - try using passes off other boards and area passes to spring a fast break.
  • Defensive team - keep sticks on the ice to angle and block passing lanes.
  • Goalies - play the puck and look to make passes to your teammates. 


  • Can play 2v2, or 3v3.
  • Can play with or without offsides.

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