The Andy Murray

The Andy Murray diagram

The Andy Murray diagram

Jason Lammers explains The Andy Murray drill. This drill is a continuous 2 on 1 identity drill that is full ice and practices transition, rush attack and tracking.


  • Full ice setup with both goalies in net.
  • Line up players along the boards in the neutral zone. 
  • On the whistle, a 2 v 1 begins.
  • After the 2 v 1 players pass the neutral zone, two new defensive forwards jump into the zone and provide support to the defensemen who is trying to break the puck out to them.
  • A new defenseman steps out and once the breakout starts, it is 2 v 1 the other way down.
  • The original forward backcheck the 2 v 1 until the blue line, red line, or far blue line (depending on what the coach wants).
  • The drill is continuous.

Coaching Points

  • Backcheckers should track back through the middle of the ice with their sticks on the ice.
  • Offensive players on the 2 v 1 should support each other.
  • Defenseman playing the 2 v 1 should keep their stick on the ice to block passing lanes and keep a good gap.


  • Can be modified to be 2 v 1, or 3 v 2.
  • Coaches can have baccheckers track to near blue line, center ice, or far blue line.

Supporting Fundamentals

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