The Backcheck Game

The Backcheck Game diagram

The Backcheck Game diagram

The Backcheck Game is a high tempo transition game that helps players work on attacking quickly with backcheck pressure.


  • Setup a cross-ice game with 2 nets and 2 goalies.
  • Identify a "neutral zone" in the middle of the cross-ice setup. This can be created with cones, tires, or writing on the ice.
  • On the whistle, players start at mid ice by attacking 2 v 0 with 2 opposing players backhecking them.
  • When the backcheckers gain possession of the puck, they breakout two players on their team, who are waiting in the neutral zone, to attack the other way.
  • After the offensive players are stopped, they become the backcheckers.
  • Shift goes offense, backcheck, to defense, breakout your team and change.
  • Keep score!

Coaching Points

  • Offensive players:
    • Attack quickly and practice shooting off of the pass!
    • Support your teammate by getting open when you do not have the puck.
  • Defensive players:
    • Keep your sticks on the ice to block passing lanes and angle offensive players.
    • Battle to get puck possession and break the puck out to your players in the neutral zone.
    • Keep your head up to be aware of where the opposing team is, and where your neutral zone teammates are.

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