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Testimonials and Reviews

Duncan Keith

Chicago Blackhawks

“One aspect of my youth development I wish I had, was more skills and adaptive awareness drills. Ice Hockey Systems has lead the way for a new generation of players and coaches that will be better suited to adapting to an ever-faster game. As I've been coaching my son Colton and his team over the years, I've always tried to keep things exciting and new. The team at IHS have it dialed in and their content has helped me be a better coach when I'm back home.”

Greg Powers
Head Coach, Men's Ice Hockey

Arizona State University
NCAA Division 1

“I have been using hockey systems religiously now for over 5 years. The comprehensive drills they have diagramed and put together for literally any situation you could think of is truly impressive.    Having Hockey Systems at my finger tips to easily manage and design my practice plans frees up much needed time to allow for the other areas of my job to always get the focus and attention my players need outside of just practice.    I rely on Hockey Systems every day and will continue to for the rest of my coaching career.”

Fr. Jason Glover
Head Coach

Gannon University Hockey Team

"I can't tell you how helpful the website was in developing practice plans, learning systems, and increasing our practice efficiency.  My guys appreciated seeing the practice plan and the drill animations prior to practice which, in turn, limited the amount of 'wasted time' needed to teach a new drill."

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Organize Drills?

Drills can be organized by saving them to different category folders. When you view a drill you will have button at the bottom of the page for each available category. When you click a button the drill will be saved into that category folder. You may save each drill into as many categories as you like. View the video below to see a demonstration.

How do I add drills to my practices?

Adding content to your practices is easy!  The first step is to create a new practice and then save it.  Once you have saved your pracitce it will show up in the left column whenever you are viewing a drill, system, or off-ice exercise with an "Add" button next to the title of the practice.  Once you click the "Add" button the content you are viewing will be added to the practice.  You can edit the drill anytime to change the order of the drills and add overall notes to the practice.

How do I Share Content With My Team?

The first thing you need to do is enable team access. You can ebable team access from your dashboard and in the process you will assign a username and password for your team members to use. They will then be able to login and view the practices, drills, and systems you have shared with them. To share practices, drills, and systems you will just click the "Share With Team" button at the top of the page for the content your are viewing. The video demonstration below shows how easy it is to share with your team!

If I Cancel My Subscription Will I Lose My Saved Practices, Drills, Systems, and Drill Lists

No, when you cancel your subscription your account is not deleted, just de-activated. Therefore, if you would like to re-activate your membership in the future you will be able to access your saved data. The key is to use the same email address. If you use the same email address then you will not lose any saved data. If you accidentally use a different email then just contact us and we will connect the accounts so you can access your old data.