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Learn how coaches & organizations can get the most out of the IHS on this page. With a membership to IHS, coaches get access to 800+ pages of premier coaching content, along with the ability to create, organize & share content by using the tools below.

draw hockey drills online

Draw Drills for Free

Draw ice hockey drills for FREE and keep them
forever with IHS's new drill drawing tool.
Try it out today!

downloadable resources for hockey coaches

Upload Content
From Around the Web

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draw hockey drills online

Upload Your Own
Videos, Photos & PDFs

downloadable resources for hockey coaches

Create Practice

Create digital and printable practice plans
with content you created, IHS content
and content from the web.

organize hockey drills

Organize Your

Organize your drills and practices by date
and categories so you can easily
access your favorite content.

Share content with your team

Share Content With
Your Team

Privately share practices, drills, systems,
off-ice exercises and more with your
team access account.

organize hockey drills

Share Content

Copy & paste a shareable URL
to publicly share practice plans, drills and more via email, text, social and team apps.

IHS for Organizations

IHS for Organizations

With the click of a button the director can
recommend drills, systems, and practice
plans based on age and skill level.