1 v 1 Angle Around The Net Drill diagram

The 1 v 1 Angle Around The Net Drill is an excellent drill to practice forechecking angling for forwards and puck retrievals for defencemen. Forwards and defenceman should get reps at both positions.

Drill Objective: The goal of the game is for the defenceman to collect the puck and skate the puck through the cones. They can go in front of or behind the net. A forward can score a point by stripping the puck from the defenceman and scoring a goal on net. It is a draw if the puck goes out of play. The game starts for the defenseman when the coach chips the puck into the corner. When the coach bangs his stick on the ice, the forechecker starts. 

Angling Coaching Points:

  1. Stick on the ice (to help you angle, intercept a pass, or go stick on stick to take the puck away).
  2. Match the speed of the player you are chasing.
  3. Take a proper angle (as pictured in the diagram) so the player can not easily turn back up ice. 

Puck Retrieval Coaching Points:

  1. Look over your shoulder to see where the pressure is
  2. Retrieve puck at an angle. This will allow you to keep your speed up while you collect the puck. 
  3. Use deception to shake off your forechecker. Use your skates, hips, shoulders, head, or stickhandle maneuvers to make the forechecker think you are doing something else with the puck.


  1. Can be set up as a station, on half-ice, or on a studio rink.
  2. The coach can give the defenseman a smaller or larger head start.
  3. Can move the cones to be further away (so there is more skating) or so the goal is larger or smaller to skate through.
  4. Can add a goalie.
  5. Can give an extra point to the defenseman for making a pass to a player or coach that is breaking out.

Supporting Fundamentals

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