Squirt (U10) Hockey Drills

Squirt hockey drills are designed for players under the age of 10. Because of the developmental levels of hockey players of this age group,practice plans tend to be much different than practices for Mites. Along with practicing the fundamental skills of hockey, coaches can now introduce motor coordination and decision making into drills for Squirt players. It is important in this stage, like the Mite stage, that you keep passing to a minimum, but it is acceptable to introduce more passing into practices. Focus on skating drills, as players can always look to improve their skating skills while adding more passing drills so players can get used to short distance and low-speed passing before getting too difficult. Players are still not fully developed in these basic skills so spend as much time during practices working on these before moving into the body of the practices. Keeping it fun and fast paced will be easy with the use of the station drills and small area games we offer for the squirt hockey practices. While the area games assist players in the fundamental skills, it also helps introduce the importance of decision making.  Most importantly players should be having fun and growing their passion for the game.