Continuous One Touch Shooting Drill

This is a good half ice hockey drill that works on one-touch passing, transitions, quick shots, and following shots to the net. To set up the drill place one player along the goal line in-line with the dots. Place two lines just inside the blue line also in-line with the dots, these two lines have the pucks. The first player (Player 1) in line will make a pass to the player on the goal line (Player 2) and skate directly at them. The two players on-touch the puck back and forth as many times as possible. Once Player 1 gets below the dot they transition towards the wall and facing Player 2. The players continue to one-touch the puck as Player 1 skates up the wall, around the top of the circle, and into the slot. When Player 1 receives the puck in the slot they take a quick shot and follow their shot to the net. After the last pass Player 2 will also go to the net looking for a rebound. Player 1 then continues to the other side along the goal line and becomes Player 2 as the drill now starts from the other side. The original Player 2 now goes to the end of the line.

Coaching Points

  • Players should make flat passes with soft hands.
  • Slapping the puck results in in-accurate passes and wobly pucks.
  • Players should transition while facing the puck at all times.
  • Receive and shoot in one motion when in the slot.
  • Make sure both players follow shots to the net.

Supporting Fundamentals



coaches on 11/16/2021

shooting drills

FLHS on 9/30/2019

Soft hands for one touch passes... don't slap.

Revelstoke on 8/31/2019
one touch passing passer drives for rebound or pass option on side net
jlb990409 on 8/25/2019
Good drill
brl1977 on 8/13/2019


metroeastinferno on 3/8/2019



CoachRogo on 1/27/2019


jbona on 12/26/2018

like on 12/19/2018

good to warm up hands

Mfranchetti18 on 12/10/2018

Passing and shooting 

Coach1966 on 11/21/2018


cspearsy on 11/1/2018


thall81267 on 10/28/2018
pass shoot
Zart19 on 9/24/2018

Peewee bantam on 9/24/2018

One touch passes with shot. 

Wayne on 9/24/2018

One touch 

daverap77 on 9/8/2018
jeff.chapman on 8/21/2018


filipfaurholm on 8/10/2018


Mspitter on 8/6/2018

Half ice shoot and skate 1

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