3 vs. 3 Corner Drill

3 vs. 3 Corner Drill

The 3 vs. 3 Corner Drill is a fun game from Topher Scott that helps players develop a scoring mentality. This 3 vs. 3 game has one major constraint: each team is allowed one player that can play inside of the circle. The other teammates must play on the outside of the circle. Communication, quick passing and quick shots will help teams be successful in this game.


  • It is a 3 vs. 3 game that is played around a circle. 
  • Two nets are set up on opposite ends of the circle.
  • Each team is allowed 1 player inside the circle and their other 2 teammates stay on the outside of the circle. 
  • The game starts when a coach chips the puck in the circle for a 1v1 battle or the coach can pass to one of the players to start the game.
  • The game can be stopped or a new puck can be added when a goal is scored, the puck goes out of play, or the coach blows the whistle.
  • Keep score!

Coaching Points:

  • Quick shots and quick passes!
  • Players without the puck should work to be an outlet for their teammates (get open, call for the puck and present your stick as a target).
  • Defensive players should keep their sticks on the ice to block passing lanes.

Supporting Fundamentals


tdicarlo on 3/4/2021

Love it!  Play it all the time and forces players to get comfortable being uncomfortable with quick play!

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