Royal Road Drill diagram

The Royal Road Drill is a very competitive 2 v 2 battle drill that starts with a face-off and only awards goals that are scored off of a pass that crosses the royal road (the royal road is the middle of the ice). 


  • Coaches add boundaries and can draw a line down the middle of the crease up to the blue line that designates where the Royal Road is. If you are unable to mark up the ice, coaches can use cones or tires.
  • The game starts with a face-off and both teams are trying to score.
  • The only goals that are counted are when players make a pass to their teammate across the royal road, and their teammate scores off of a quick release (one timer, two touch, or quick release shot).
  • Shifts should be no more than 30 seconds.

Coaching Points

  • Players on both sides of the ice should compete and work hard to gain puck possession.
  • Offensive team: puck carrier should work on puck protection concepts, and the player without the puck needs to work to jump to get open to support their teammate as an outlet or put themselves in a position for a one timer.
  • Defensive team: keep sticks on the ice to block passing lanes. Keep your head on a swivel to make sure you do not leave a player open for a one time shot. Tie up sticks when in tight.

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