Trucks & Trailers Warm-Up diagram

The Trucks & Trailers Warm-Up drill can be utilized for all age & skill levels, and done in any area of the ice. For this example, we are using the neutral zone, but the activity can easily be set up in each zone, or a smaller area.

The premise is simple, players partner up and one player is a Truck, while the other player is a Trailer. The Trailers try to mimic their Trucks movements. This activity forces both players to keep their head up, and be aware of their surroundings!


  • Set up a designated area that the trucks & trailers can skate. Can be any zone, or any marked off area of the ice.
  • Rep # 1 - without pucks:
    • On the first whistle, the trucks do their best to navigate the area and perform skilled movements (tight turns, pivots, forward & backwards skating, mohawk turns, etc).
    • The trailers do their best to follow the exact movements of the trucks, while being aware of everyone on the ice.
    • On the second whistle (Rep # 2), switch roles! The trucks become trailers and trailers become trucks.
  • Rep # 2 - with pucks:
    • Same as above, but the truck & trailer both have pucks.

Coaching Points

  • KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! All players need to keep their heads up and be aware of their surroundings.
  • Trucks, work on skilled moves. Don't just skate and turn. Throw in some fakes and fun skill moves that the trailer must try to mimic.


  • Can be set up in different areas of the ice (the smaller the space the more challenging it is)
  • Coaches can shout out moves or skills that the trucks must perform, and the trailers must follow.

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