Chute Angling 1 V 1

Chute Angling 1 V 1 diagram

Chute Angling 1 v 1 is a fun drill that allows offensive players to practice deceptive retrievals while a defender works to angle them away from a scoring chance.


  • Set the net up below the face-off circle on the goal line.
  • Players line up on top of the face-off circle. 
  • On the whistle, the second player in line shoots the puck up towards the blue line, either hitting a pad, or a coach's stick.
  • The first player in line skates up to the puck and works to deceive the second player in line before they retrieve it.
  • When the puck is picked up the 1 v 1 starts and the defender is working to take the puck away and skate past the blueline, while the puck carrier works to score.

Coaching Points

  • Defender:
    • Gap up and match the offensive skaters speed.
    • Pay attention to their body, not their head or skates.
    • Keep your stick on the ice and angle them towards the boards, do not let them cut back into the middle of the ice.
    • Go stick on puck and finish through their hands to remove the puck from their stick.
  • Offensive skater:
    • Use deception with your skates, legs, body and head to try to throw off the defender.
    • Keep your head up and look for an opportunity to cut back into the middle of the ice.
    • If there is no space, keep feet moving and try to protect the puck along the boards and drive to the net.


  • Can set up to be 1/4 ice or 1/2 ice
  • Can set up in different areas of the ice
  • Can bounce the puck off of a pad, bumper, coach, player, or boards

Half Ice Example of Chute Angling

Half Ice Example of Chute Angling

This is a half ice example of Chute Angling 1 V 1 (as shown on part 2 of the video). Coaches can also set this up and bank the puck off of the boards instead of a bumper.

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