Corner to Half Wall 2 vs 1
Corner to Half Wall 2 vs 1

The Corner to Half Wall 2 vs 1 is an excellent small area game for all age levels that helps players practice a 2 vs 1 in a small space along the boards in the corner of the ice. The game reinforces important skills like keeping your head up, moving to open spaces, protecting the puck, and verbal & non-verbal communication. Offensive players should practice using the boards to make bank passes.

The goal of the game is for the offense is to connect on 4 consecutive passes in a row. If they do so, they win and are allowed to shoot on net. If the defense takes the puck away, or the puck goes out of bounds 2 times during the game the defense wins and is awarded a shot on net.


  • Playing Area: Use 4 cones or tires that create a triangle from the half wall to the corner that lines up with the inside post.
  • Goalie Setup: This can be set up as a station with a goalie, or without. If you use a goalie they can be placed in the crease or the net can be moved to the point.
  • Players: Alternate players. It is beneficial for players to get reps on both offense and defense sides.
  • Passes: You can require 4 (or a different amount) of consecutive passes to win.
  • Defense: If the defense is taking the puck away too much, you can tell the defense to flip their stick over.
  • Winner: The winning side gets a shot on net. You can allow the winners to do a few options:
    • If the offense wins:
      • The last person with the puck gets a shot on net.
      • Both players are given a puck and can shoot on different goalies.
      • The game moves to a 2 vs 1 in front of the net and offense is allowed one shot if they can get it off.
    • If the defense wins:
      • They get a shot on net.
      • The game moves to a 1 on 1 in front of the net and the defense is allowed one shot if they can get it off. The losing offense team needs to communicate with each other as to who is going to go after the defense.

Coaching Points

  • Use the boards! They are your friend!
    • If used properly, the boards can be used as an extra player out there and are helpful for bank passes and puck protection.
  • Offensive players need to protect the puck until they can make a play and then expose the puck to make a pass.
  • Offensive players have to move without the puck. Think "Give & Go!" Go to open space!
  • Defensive players are most successful with active sticks and stop and starts. There are no short cuts!


  • Require more consecutive passes. 
  • Make the game 2 vs 2.
  • Create a smaller "playing area" to make it tougher on the offense.
  • Move to the Point to Half Wall 2 vs 1 Game.

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