Red Wing 2 V 1 With Backchecker diagram

Red Wing 2 V 1 With Backchecker from TJ Manastersky, the Head Coach of Brock University, is a drill that practices 2 v 1 rushes with pressure from a backchecker.


  • 2 offensive players line up on the hashmarks. The defender is at the top of the circle, and the backchecker is at the bottom of the circle.
  • On the whistle, both sides start a 2 v 1 with a backchecker.
  • Stay on your side of the ice until center ice red line.
  • Drill is continuous. 

Coaching Points

  • Defense: D and backchecking forward need to communicate.
  • Forwards: Get up ice quickly and look at opportunity to shoot quick after a pass.


nbrimmer on 1/12/2024

Make sure the D man and the back checker talk about who has who same thing with the forwards make sure they are talking and moving with speed 

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