Offensive Advantage Game
Offensive Advantage Game


This Offensive Advantage small area game by Kendall Coyne Schofield is a great way to work on skills, scoring and multiple decisions in small spaces.  The activation element of this game requires players to be alert, make quick decisions and communicate.  Depending on the decisions made by the players, this can be a 2 v1, a 3 v 1 or a 3 v 2 at any given point.  Players need to be mindful when activating as they are leaving an opposing player (or two) all alone with the threat to score.   

Set Up

  • Setup 2 nets, both on the goal lines (as shown in the diagram above)
  • Draw a line (or use cones/tires) across the tops of the circles
  • Draw a line (or use some cones/tires) across the middle of the zone between the top of the circles and the end boards (through the crease)
  • Have 2 players on offense and 1 player on defense on each side of the ice
  • Have coaches at the top of the circle (in the middle of the ice) with a pile of pucks


Play a game up to a certain number of goals, team "X" vs team "O"

  • Coach should dump the puck in the middle so players have to battle to get it to their side
  • The game starts as a 2 v1 on which ever side the puck is on
  • At any point, the defensive player on the opposite side can activate over to his or her team's side to make it a 3 v 1
  • If the defensive player activates over to the other side, one of the forwards from that original side can join if he or she wants to make it a 3 v 2
  • Players do not have to activate if they don't wish to
  • At least one offensive player must always remain on their half of the ice
  • If the puck crosses the tops of the circles, the coach should put in a new puck
  • Coach can rotate in new players as he or she sees fit
  • Keep score

Above the top of the circle, the puck is out and the coach needs to put a new puck in

Coaching Points

  1. Decision Making - players without the puck need to make smart decisions on whether or not to activate to the other side
  2. Communication - your teammates need to be on the same page to take advantage of the opportunities that present itself with this setup
  3. Quick Release- the setup calls for a constrained space where players need to use quick releases and one touch passing to create scoring opportunities


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