Bourque 3 on 3

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This 3 on 3 cross ice game is similar to the Gretzky 3 on 3 but now the designated passers are referred to as "Bourque". The "Bourque" is now behind their own goal line and must initiate breakout passes. The nets should be placed a bit closer to the boards to allow more room for executing breakouts.

  • Players must use their "Bourque" on a change of possession before making an attempt to score.
  • Players may attack the other team's "Bourque" but they may not shadow them.
  • There is no limit to how often a team uses their "Bourque".
  • Shifts should be 30 - 40 seconds to keep a good pace and high intensity.

Key points of emphasis:

  • Have the "Bourque" work on a good first pass.
  • Use "false Information" (looking off the pass) to get their players open.
  • Players need to skate back to support their "Bourque".
  • Fill three lanes and skate to open ice.


Jaylm37 on 12/9/2019

Save on 10/7/2018

Encourages our defenseman to move the puck for breakout.  Encourage forwards to fill their lanes.

Jeff Burns on 4/1/2017
Awesome site very handy

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