Professional Skills Coach Dwayne Blais dives into how to improve your two-touch shot. The two-touch shot is a great shot to practice because the ability to quickly fire a shot on net after a pass will greatly increase your scoring chances. Watch the video above to learn more and scroll to the bottom to view drills to practice your two-touch shot.

Tips to Improve Your Two Touch Shot

  1. Get Hands Out In Front Of Your Body: get your hands out in front of your body. This will allow you to control your first touch and generate power on your second touch (your shot). 
  2. Get Your Shot Off As Quick As Possible: the quicker you can get your shot off, the more likely the goalie will have trouble with it since they will be moving. 
  3. Good Body Position: a player shouldn't be leaning too far forward or too far back. A good hockey position before you receive the pass will help you release the puck quickly.
  4. Drive Shoulders To Net: Drive your shoulders to the net to generate more power and accuracy.

The quicker a player can get a shot off, the more opportunities they will have to score goals! If you would like to view pro players performing this skill, make sure to check out our skill breakdowns below: