Shooting Off The Pass - O-Zone
Shooting Off The Pass - O-Zone

Jump To Space & Shoot Off The Pass! A great exercise to work on give & go's while quickly shooting off of a pass! Players can work on one-timers, one-touch, & shooting in stride from all corners of ice. This video combines the Shoot Off The Pass Corners and the Shoot Off The Pass Point drills into one 4 part progression that allows players to practice jumping to space and shooting quickly in all areas of the offensive zone. Shooting off of a pass and shooting quickly is a great way to increase your scoring chances because it catches the goalie and other team by surprise. 


  • Start at one corner of the ice and rotate around each point and corner.
  • Players: After you take a shot, jump to become the next passer inline.
  • Coaches: You can add additional obstacles for players to pass around or over. You can make this setup as simple or as complex as you want.

Coaching Points

  • Communicate! Call for the puck (verbal communication) and keep your stick on the ice where you want to receive the pass (non-verbal communication).
  • Give & Go: Practice give and go's! Pass the puck and move! This is a great skill to learn for games.
  • Shoot Quickly! Use a one-touch or two-touch shot to quickly get a puck on net.

Supporting Fundamentals

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