Feed Or Lead diagram

The Feed or Lead hockey drill is a high tempo drill that works on passing, jumping to open space, receiving a pass from the corner and firing a quick shot on net in a high percentage scoring area. This drill gives coaches the opportunity to teach players about "Feed" hockey passes and "Lead" hockey passes. The basic descriptions are listed below:

  • Feeds are passes that allow a player to quickly get a shot off.
  • Leads are passes that allow the player to keep moving with forward momentum. 


  • One net is placed at the normal crease area and a second net (or obstacle) is set up at the top of the circle.
  • Player 1 skates up the boards and does a tight turn (protecting the puck) along the boards and passes to the next player in line (Player 2).
  • Player 2 passes the puck back to Player 1 while Player 1 pivots up ice.
  • Player 1 passes the puck back to Player 2. 
  • Player 1 jumps to open space around the net (or obstacle) and gives Player 2 a target to hit.
  • Player 2 uses their hockey IQ to identify what hand they are (left or right) and where to hit them with a feed pass so Player 1 can quickly get a shot off.

Coaching Points:

  • Player 1 should work on verbal and non-verbal (eyes, stick & body language) communication. 
  • Player 1 should focus on jumping to open space quickly and getting a quick shot off. 
  • Player 2 should identify the best place to give Player 1 a pass.


  • Add in an obstacle or a defenseman (that is static) into the slot area so that Player 1 & 2 can work together to determine if a Feed pass or Lead pass is best. A Lead pass would be helpful to get around a defenceman or obstacle. 
  • If you use a static defenceman in the slot, they can move their stick in front of them or behind them just as Player 1 is coming around the net which will force both Player 1 and 2 to communicate the best place to pass to. 

Supporting Fundamentals

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