3 Puck Possession Positions

Ben Eaves

In the video above, Coach Eaves demonstrates the 3 Fundamental Puck Possession Positions. It is important for players and coaches to familiarize themselves with these positions and understand why and where they should use them. The situations and details are listed below:

  1. Exposing The Puck: Having the puck exposed in front of you is useful when a player wants to generate speed and create seperation from the defence by skating with the puck out in front. Players can also expose the puck in front of them when they are ready to make a play, or to bait a defender.
  2. Protecting The Puck: Once a player has the puck they can move their body around to protect it from the opposing team. This is very useful in tight situations and around the boards. 
  3. Attack Position: The attack position is where a player should have the puck when they are ready to challenge a defender 1 on 1. This position gives the attacking player the most options with the puck which will keep the defence, or goalie on their toes. From this position the player can do the following:
    • ​Shoot the puck
    • Pass the puck
    • Push the puck on their forehand to generate space and change their passing or shooting angle
    • Pull the puck into their body to change a passing or shooting angle
    • Execute a tight turn to generate space and seperation from a defender
    • Be creative!

View NHL Examples from Giroux, Panarin and Marner using The Attack Position